Elizabeth Warren Remains Adamant She Won't Run for President

Senator Elizabeth Warren says she won't be running for president despite support from many.

Senator Elizabeth Warren's words are clear: "Nothing has changed. I'm not running for President."

She is not running for President but that doesn't mean her liberal supporters - even members of Congress, aren't encouraging her.

Congressman Michael Capuano says he's already let Warren know how he feels. "I told her that if she decided to run I would support her. Period. She said nothing. I told her I didn't want her to say anything and she didn't."

Capuano described Warren as an exciting person, who connects with people and has a realistic chance of running.

His comments come days after Warren took to the Senate floor to discuss the controversial spending package that threatened to shut down the government.

Warren is still upset about bill passing in both the House and Senate, saying, "Let's face it. Democrats are going to be in the minority and we better be prepared to fight back."

Warren's criticism of the spending bill put her back on the front pages, but her biggest fans say that was just one of many things that have happened in recent weeks to highlight her leadership in Congress and why she should be convinced to run for President.

Harry Reid has made Warren a member of the Senate leadership team and more than 300 former Obama campaign staffers released an open letter urging her to run for President. The moveon.org has also become a leading force in the Draft Warren movement pledging to spend at least a million dollars to convince her to run for the position.

Still, Warren has not strayed from her message saying, "This isn't about me. This is about the fights we need to have."  

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