Snow Becomes Obstacle Training for Boston Marathon

As if Heartbreak Hill weren't hard enough, runners training for next month's Boston Marathon are finding themselves dodging massive snow banks and cars.

Right by the finish line in Copley Square, one volunteer wonders how long the snow will last.

"The snow is going to need to be gone," said Vicki Newman.

"It's just never ending. There's so much," said Tina Haupert, who is running her first Boston Marathon. "There's no where to run. There's just nowhere. You're pretty much in the middle of the road."

Necn followed along as she weaved around the snow mounds in Weymouth.

Haupert only started training outside last week. She couldn't waste any more time.

"A lot of my runs have been on the treadmill," she said.

Marathon organizers are preparing for anything, but they are pretty confident most of the snow will melt before Marathon Monday.

"We've been joking that there's going to be snow on marathon day, without a doubt," said Haupert.

The condition of the roads are also a big concern, and with tens of thousands of spectators lining the route, extra attention will be paid to the sidewalks, too.

"There may have to be some final cleanup, even if we get some good warm weather," said Newman.

Haupert says the training is intense, and that she'll be ready, no matter what the weather.

"I'm excited for race day," she said. "No doubt."

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