Massachusetts Man Stole Car “to Grab Some Pizza”: Police

21-year-old Jean Burgos faces numerous charges after crashing a stolen Subaru Crosstrek

A Massachusetts man faces theft and assault charges after police say he stole and crashed a car on his way to "to grab some pizza."

Twenty-one-year-old Jean Burgos of 143 Carver St. in Springfield has been charged with receiving a stolen vehicle, leaving the scene of an accident, driving with a suspended license, assaulting an EMT and police officers, resisting arrest and faced warrants from Westfield for stealing a car.

Springfield Police say they responded to a rollover accident on Tiffany Street at 12:30 a.m. Thursday, where they found a white Subaru Crosstrek flipped over that had struck a utility pole, bringing it down. Police say the officers noticed no one was in the car, and witnesses told police they saw a man run from the car and into a backyard of a home on West Weymouth Street.

When police went into the backyard after discovering that the fence's gate was open, they walked into a wooded area and noticed the suspect, who was later identified as Burgos, lying on the ground, seemingly unconscious. According to police, the officers lightly shook Burgos, who then came up swinging at the officers, punching them and kicking them until he was in handcuffs.

Police say the officers called an ambulance to check out Burgos, and he then attacked an EMT at the scene.

Burgos then told police that he "took the car to grab some pizza."

He was taken to a hospital and was determined to not have any serious injuries.

Police say when the found the owner of the Subaru, they had to wake her up and asked if she knew where her car was, which was when she reportedly looked and her driveway and then the officers, replying, "It's stolen!"

Burgos was arraigned Thursday. 

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