The Boston Yeti, Unmasked!

He revealed his identity in an interview with The Improper Bostonian


The star of the winter of 2015, The Boston Yeti, has been unmasked.

In an interview released Friday, the yeti revealed his true identity to The Improper Bostonian. The Boston Yeti is actually John Campopiano, a 30-year-old Somerville resident who works for WGBH-TV's Frontline.

In the interview, Campopiano said he was inspired in part to become the yeti by - who else - necn!

"Campopiano, who loved Bigfoot and UFO stories as a kid, initially bought the suit as a Halloween costume in 2014. When the first monster storm of the season approached on Jan. 26, he decided to don the costume again and roam the streets. After seeing an NECN request for viewers' wintry photos, he asked his girlfriend (now the soon-to-be Mrs. Yeti) to take some shots. Then he set up an email address, claimed a Twitter account and waited."

Campopiano didn't say what's next for the Boston Yeti. But he did say he plans to get his costume dry cleaned.

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