3 OD on Fentanyl, Pass Out While in Moving Vehicle

Three people overdosed on Fentanyl while in a moving vehicle around 4 p.m. on Friday in Chelsea, Massachusetts, according to the Chelsea Fire Department. 

The three were discovered unconscious after their Honda Odyssey hit a Toyota Yaris on Williams Street. 

Authorities initially believed the drug Fentanyl to be involved. A white, powdery substance was found in the vehicle and a hazmat team was called in to take the substance to a state lab in Boston for evaluation. 

Chelsea Police have since confirmed that the substance was indeed Fentanyl and that there was enough of the drug airborne in the car to be fatal. 

Three officers who responded were hospitslized but have since been released. Two of the passengers have also been released, but one was still in the hospital as of 10 p.m. on Friday. 

According to the Chelsea Fire Department, the victims were given 10 doses of Narcan before they were revived. 

When the victims came to, they told investigators they had been doing cocaine, but further investigation found the powder found in the vehicle to be Fentanyl.

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