Uber Driver Crashes Into Home on Boston's Beacon Hill

Witnesses say the vehicle appeared to be traveling down the road extremely fast before it slammed into the building

Police in Boston are investigating how a vehicle crashed into a Beacon Hill home on Wednesday afternoon.

The incident happened just after 3:30 p.m. on Myrtle Street.

The wife of the driver told necn that her husband, Jean Caillot, of Randolph, has been driving for Uber for more than 2 years on a full-time basis.

Witnesses told necn that the small, white SUV looked like it was racing up the busy street before it slammed into the back of the home.

"When I got to the corner, I looked up and that car was flying up here and went straight into the wall — no breaks," said one witness.

Boston Police said the Uber driver was trying to take a left when another vehicle coming in the opposite direction clipped him, causing him to go out of control and into the house.

Neighbors who came running out of their homes said they saw Caillot and a female passenger climbing out of the SUV. Both appeared to be shaken, according to witnesses. 

"She was more terrified than physically hurt," said one neighbor. "I didn’t see blood."

Both Caillot and passenger were taken to Massachusetts General Hospital to be treated for non life-threatening injuries.

The homeowner was not there at the time of the crash but came back to the commotion.

"I’m very lucky no one was in the house," she said. "The rest we can take care of."

Numerous streets in the area were blocked off for hours while the vehicle was removed and the scene was cleared.

Uber told necn that they have reached out to Caillot and are looking into what happened.

Police said so far, it is still an active investigation and no citations have been issued.

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