Remains of 2 People Found in Woods of Brockton, Mass.

Plymouth County District Attorney Timothy Cruz confirmed Monday that the remains of two people were found in the woods in Brockton, Massachusetts, with one of the bodies having apparently been dismembered.

The remains of two individuals were found in the woods in Brockton, Massachusetts, officials confirmed Monday.

Investigators believe one of the bodies was dismembered, according to Plymouth County District Attorney Timothy Cruz.

An investigation began Sunday afternoon, when state police homicide detectives said they were investigating the death of a person found in the woods off of North Quincy Street.

Plymouth County District Attorney Timothy Cruz said that the remains of a second individual had been found Monday morning.

"During the course of the investigation, the remains of two bodies - one of which appears to have been dismembered - were found in the wooded area," said Cruz. "The remains have been transported to the office of the chief medical examiner. The medical examiner will work on them to identify the victims as well as trying to determine the cause and the manner of death."

Cruz described one of the victims as a female with brownish hair, around 20 years old.

The situation also unsettling for the VFW Post, which owns about 20 acres nearby, including the woods where the discoveries were made.

They say police have already scanned their exterior surveillance video, which is partly pointed on the parking lot. 

Jim Doherty, Post Commander, Brockton VFW 

"We're very isolated, so unfortunately this could possibly be a place that somebody would take a body. 

You feel very concerned, and our prayers go out to the families of the victims and hope whoever caused this gets apprehended." 

A well-known cold case in Brockton is the 1989 disappearance of Jennifer Fay.

A private investigator close to the Fay family says they have not heard from police, and while no DNA results are back yet, they believe it's highly unlikely the remains are Jennifer's.

There are still, however, many missing people from Brockton and nearby. 

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