Lightning Leaves Damage Behind in New England

Yards in Westford, Mass. were full of kindling after severe storms hit much of region

Kindling is throughout a yard in Westford, Massachusetts. When the storm came though the Merrimack Valley, lightning, strong winds and torrential rains came with it.

“All of a sudden, we heard this boom, like something exploded above the house,” said Craig Kevghas.

From poles to javelins to toothpicks, the storm that passed through the Merrimack Valley, chopping up more than enough firewood for Kevias.

The lightning strike in his Westford yard took out just one of his two dozen pine trees and sent wood flying in all directions.

“The lightning strike was so perfect, it went underneath and went through my irrigation system and completely destroyed my irrigation controls in the cellar,” Kevghas said.

In Lowell, the torrential rains came quickly, as did claps of thunder and lightning.

“I heard the tornado warning like 15 minutes beforehand, turned the news on, rounded up my son and went in the basement,” said George Kazarian of Dracut.

Kazarian came out of his home to an unpleasant surprise - a tree down across the power lines.

Amazingly, he didn't lose electricity, but his neighbor did.

“A lot of wind came and the tree fell. It was strange,” said Cindy Lang, who lost power.

“I was looking out the window and I saw it come right down, screamed through the house, scared everybody in the house. And took pictures,” said Denise Frasca.

A second round of storms came through Lowell, as drivers went through the water under the Lowell Connector.

But back in Westford, Craig Kevghas knows, even with a wall of water and a crack of lightning, levity helps keep it all in perspective.

“Now, we are going to have a special. If anybody wants to make baseball bats out of a lightning hit tree, just like The Natural, we are here for them. I’ll cut them a really good deal,” Kevghas said.

It's always a matter of perspective. Kevghas is expecting his first grandchild sometime Tuesday night.

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