AG: Nursing Assistant Sexually Assaulted Elderly Alzheimer's Patient

There is no word yet on whether criminal charges will be brought

A nursing assistant's license has been revoked after he allegedly sexually assaulted an elderly nursing home resident with Alzheimer's, according to the New Hampshire Attorney General's Office.

Timothy Morrissey's license was permanently revoked by the state's Board of Nursing following a complaint from Bel-Air Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Goffstown alleging that Morrissey sexually assaulted an 80-year-old woman who suffers from Alzheimer's disease and dementia, Attorney General Joseph Foster said in a press release issued Wednesday morning.

The incident was initially reported to Goffstown Police, but Police Chief Rob Browne said the attorney general's office is now handling the investigation. The attorney general's office did not immediately return calls Wednesday seeking information on whether criminal charges will be brought.

Morrissey's license had been suspended on Nov. 5 on an emergency basis, pending a hearing last week.  After hearing testimony from an eyewitness and the nurse on duty at the time of the incident, the Board of Nursing voted to permanently revoke Morrissey's license and assess a $2,000 fine. He did not show up for the hearing.

A co-worker walked in on Morrissey sexually assaulting the elderly resident on the morning of Oct. 31, according to the board's order. He told Morrissey to stop, and Morrissey responded by saying, "This is the most embarrassing thing in my life."

The incident was then reported to a supervisor, who met with Morrissey. He allegedly admitted to the accusations and said, "I know it's sick - I need help."

Morrissey has been fired from his job.

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