Students Hospitalized After Hazmat Incident at School

They were reportedly exposed to some type of unauthorized chemical

Several students were hospitalized following a hazmat incident at a New Hampshire high school on Monday morning.

The incident was reported around 11:30 a.m. The Nashua Fire Department said they found a powder-like substance in several rooms in Nashua North High School that was later determined to be golleglump, which is used in ceramics.

Fire officials say four students and two faculty members came into contact with the chemical, and had to be decontaminated using showers and were given extra clothing before being taken to Southern New Hampshire Medical. They have all been since released.

Officials add that the incident appears to be malicious in nature, since the chemical was dumped in several rooms and hallways. This portion of the high school is still closed as a cleaning contractor has been brought in.

The rest of the high school is open and all after school activities and meetings are continuing as scheduled.

The incident is under investigation by the school district and the police department.

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