Patience Pays Off

Well, we've waited this long.

Clouds gave way to sun across much of New England today, with the exception of Southernmost Massachusetts. As our slow-moving storm advances north into New England over the weekend, the badly needed, much advertised rain will too.

But there are limits to Mother Nature's generosity. High pressure will chew away at advancing rain bands, leaving much of Northern New England on the lower end of the rainfall amounts. In fact, in some cases, we may not see any at all along Rt. 2 in Maine, NH and Vermont.

Meantime, Southern New England will have it all to themselves. At least 3/4 to 1" of rain is at stake here. While it's welcomed, it won't set the drought back that much - if at all.

This pattern isn't sustained for the long term either. We'll see the sun weasel back into the forecast early next week, as seasonable temperatures take over. The only saving grace in this is that this time of year, the lower sun angle won't dry out the soil as it did a month ago. That will at least keep the lawns and gardens green.

For all this talk of rain, you'd think we're washing out the weekend. Not seeing it rain from dawn to dusk either day, but Saturday's forecast is looking wetter than Sunday. And raw too. Highs will only top out in the 50s. We should be near 60 Sunday.

Sports-wise, I'm seeing a better chance for the Sox to be wet than the Pats. Bring the long sleeves and rain gear either way, and plan for a raw feel all through the weekend.

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