Precious Few Drops

I was impressed by the way the temperatures held their own against the sea breeze this afternoon. In fact, all along the coast the temperatures continued to climb despite the wind coming in from the east and southeast.

It was short-lived of course. By the late afternoon, the sea breeze wore down the heat enough for us to fall back into the 60s - but it was a semi-summerlike stand in the early afternoon.

Tomorrow, we'll be overwhelmed by that onshore wind, and along with it the chance for a few showers, a random storm and a few downpours. Unfortunately, even with all those chances, some will come away with just a few drops or nothing at all. There just isn't enough energy to produce a widspread rain.

In fact, in Eastern New England, our best chance for wet weather will be in the morning. By afternoon, the northeast wind will be a stablizing influence, and the focus for downpours/thunder will focus on Eastern and Northern New England.

Chances are pretty small for any real rain in the extended forecast as well. Heat pours in by midweek along with some humidity, but the timing of the afternoon cool front favors Northern New England for storms. Cooler onshore flow will follow on Thursday and Friday (to a point..highs will still be in the 70s) before the summer heat hits again going into Saturday.

Early word on the holiday weekend: hot start and a cooler finish. Concern revolves around the onshore flow returning with a bunch of low clouds and fog. We'll see how it plays out in the days ahead.

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