Rhode Island Eases Some COVID-19 Restrictions on Businesses

Larger weddings and other catered events are allowed again in the state as key metrics continue to move in the right direction

Larger weddings — and other catered events — are allowed again in Rhode Island as key metrics used to measure the spread of the coronavirus continue to move in the right direction, state Commerce Secretary Stefan Pryor said Thursday.

“With the recent improvements in the public health landscape we’ve looked at each industry sector and sought ways in which we can incrementally improve conditions and open up for business activity,” he said at a news conference at which he announced the loosening of several restrictions that take effect Friday.

Catered events, which had been limited to 15 people, are now allowed to have as many as 30 people if held indoors and up to 50 people if held outdoors, as long as guests are pre-screened for COVID-19 and other safety protocols are followed.

Restaurants will be allowed to seat up to eight members of two different households at one indoor table, up from one household, and capacity at gyms, entertainment facilities and some other businesses will also be allowed increase, he said.

Offices will be allowed to reopen at 33% capacity, although remote working is still preferred, he said.

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