Rhode Island

Anti-Abortion Legislator Won't Pursue Complaint About Letter

A Democratic anti-abortion legislator from Rhode Island says he isn't pursuing a police complaint about a letter submitted to the House Judiciary Committee that referenced him.

The Providence Journal reports the letter submitted by Melanie DuPont, a 2018 candidate for state Senate, said anytime Rep. Gregory Costantino "tries to abridge my rights as a woman, and endanger my life, I, Melanie DuPont, should return the favor."

DuPont says the letter was satire and she didn't intend to actually threaten Costantino. Costantino says he doesn't view it as satire, but is satisfied there's no real threat.

Rhode Island Democratic Party chairman and state Rep. Joseph McNamara has said the letter was uncalled for and unlawful.

DuPont testified at the House Judiciary Committee during a recent hearing on abortion rights.

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