Rhode Island

Dog Killed, At Least a Dozen Displaced in Providence House Fire

Investigators are considering candles as a possible cause for the destructive fire

At least a dozen people are without a home and a dog was killed early Wednesday as a result of a raging four-alarm fire in a multi-family home in Rhode Island.

WJAR reports the blaze was reported sometime around 1 a.m. at a triple-decker home near Althea Street in Providence. Flames could be seen pouring out the window as crews battled the inferno.

Firefighters were ordered to evacuate the building during their combat because the interior became too dangerous.

"The fire just lit up on the outside and got too aggressive with the vertical extension to the third floor," Deputy Chief Stephen Houle said. "Companies could not make the third floor so I ordered an evacuation of the building."

The Red Cross will help the displaced tenants and investigators are considering candles as a possible cause for the blaze, according to WJAR.

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