Severe Flooding Hits New England

Torrential rains led to flooding in communities like Cranston, RI, and wind-whipped waves smashed coastal areas like Salisbury, Mass.

Wednesday’s torrential rains led to flash flooding in some parts of New England.

In Cranston, Rhode Island, at least one person had to be rescued from a car after the rising waters caught the driver by surprise.

“The residents just got to know you got to go around, you’ve got to find another way around when it rains hard, because this happens whenever we get a downpour or rain,” said Cranston Highway Superintendent John Corso.

As the road here in Cranston turned into a river, people’s belongings floated down the street.

In Providence, storm drains were filling up fast, barely keeping up with the rainfall.

Elsewhere in Rhode Island, flooding shut down roads or severely slowed down traffic.

In Norwich, Connecticut, flooding plagued parking lots, shutting down the drive-thru at a Dunkin Donuts.

Driving was tricky at times, with visibility and traction drastically reduced thanks to the heavy rains.

“Slow driving and I hydroplaned once actually,” said Norwich resident Karen Jenison.

In Salisbury, Massachusetts, the beach was a ghost town, but wind-whipped waves pounded the shoreline.

And in areas like Quincy and Tewksbury, the rain made for a very messy day.

"It’s a good day to stay indoors and catch up on what you have to do around the house,” said John Brown.

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