Snow Showers Turning to Rain

On the heels of an amazingly impossible win in the Super Bowl, we're facing the prospect of a messy storm for tomorrow.

However, given the context of what just transpired, this is NOT an obstacle we can't overcome. Snow will be minimal, but the ice may be a little more problematic - at least for Central Mass and Northern New England. It's here that the cold won't let go so easily. In fact, it may take until very late Tuesday night or early Wednesday to boot out the final subfreezing temperatures.

If you're into finger-pointing, then look no further than an approaching warm front. And as its name suggests, temps are going to warm. But that's on Wednesday. We need to get through the snow/ice/rain to get through the mess first.

Time frame for the snow is late tonight and first thing tomorrow. As the warmer air moves in aloft, the changeover to ice (inland) and rain (along the coast) is expected by late morning and early afternoon. Leftover mist/drizzle/sprinkles (some freezing) and fog will linger through Tuesday night.

Wednesday brings us the mid and upper 50s in Southern New England. While we start in the murk and mist, sun should poke out by afternoon and seal the deal.

A sneaky storm is lurking around the corner for Thursday. Snow should be able to reach out to us at the crack of dawn, but just how much works in from the Mid-Atlantic is still in question. The cold will have to come in very quickly Wednesday night if we're to have a chance. I'm not too certain that it could at this point. Winter has not delivered on fast-moving (or deep) cold.

However, there's always a chance.


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