New Hampshire

Stranded Seal Rescued From NH Roadway

Police responded to a seal on the side of the road near Rye Harbor

Courtesy of Rye Police Department

Police in New Hampshire rescued a wayward seal that wandered a bit outside its comfort zone.

The Rye Police Department responded to a report of a seal stranded on the side of Ocean Boulevard near Rye Harbor on Friday morning.

"This little guy is on the side of the road on Ocean Blvd, near Rye Harbor. We have our animal control officer in the area, keeping an eye on his movement, and we are setting up some cones to alert drivers," they said on Facebook.

Marine Mammal Rescue helped move the seal back to the water.

But according to Rye police, there was still a chance that high tides could force the seal back to land.

Police urge all motorists to remain cautious while driving in the area, just in case the critter should make its way back onto land.

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