Thunder Roars, Humidity Returns

There wasn't much heat. There wasn't much humidity.

But the storms came nonetheless.

Heavy weather brought gusty winds, a carpet of hail and torrential rain. There were multiple passes in some towns and cities as the storms held their line before decending into Boston.

It was all from a strong area of lift in the upper atmosphere. It proves that you don't need a hot, hazy, humid day to get the sky to erupt in a storm.

As we settle in for a pleasant Wednesday, the warm, humid air is building in the Plains. It should come swinging through New England by Thursday night, but not before giving us another halfway decent day on Thursday.

If you're not into the monotonous summertime forecast line, "Partly sunny with a risk of afternoon thunderstorms", then the holiday weekend might not be to your liking. It's really looking that way from Friday through Sunday - with heat and humidity to boot. Saturday will sizzle as many spots touch 90, while Sunday sees the most humid air with dewpoints near or over 70.


Cooler, less humid weather follows into the 4th, with only a teeny tiny chance for Mother Nature's fire... OK, enough cliches.

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