Despite Primary Losses, Bernie Sanders Receives Hero's Welcome in Vermont

The candidate even posed for a photo with a young boy dressed as the senator, with a white wig and glasses

Bernie Sanders was greeted with a hero's welcome when he stepped off the campaign trail to spend a night home in Vermont Wednesday.

A throng of passionate Sanders' constituents was waiting to greet the presidential candidate after his charter jet touched down at the Burlington Airport shortly before 7 p.m. Wednesday.

"Thank you all," Sanders shouted to the crowd, who chanted "Bernie, Bernie!" and "Feel the Bern!" in return.

Many of the supporters snapped selfies and hugged Sanders. The candidate even posed for a photo with a young boy dressed as the senator, with a white wig and glasses.

"We're all so proud of everything Bernie has done," said Emilie Krasnow, a Sanders supporter who waited to welcome him home.

Sanders won two states Tuesday, but lost four. Critical California was in the loss column, despite Sanders' more than two weeks of tireless campaigning there.

Now badly trailing the Democrats' presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton by all key measures, many wonder what's next for Sanders.

Necn wanted to ask him that question, but he rode past reporters, focusing instead on loyal backers like Vivian Jordan.

"It was just very exciting to be that close to him," Jordan said, after receiving a hug from Sanders.

Before leaving California, Sanders said he will fight for votes next week in Washington, D.C.'s primary, then keep pressing his economic justice platform until the party's convention next month.

Jordan said she is not sold on Hillary Clinton but will consider her, if Sanders gives his full support.

"I am going to take Bernie's lead on that," the Shelburne voter told necn. "I trust him."

Sanders' time in Burlington will be short. He's leaving Thursday for Washington D.C. and a meeting at the White House with President Obama. The two are expected to talk about what to do to strengthen the Democratic party before the general election in November.

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