Man Arrested for Allegedly Stealing Packages with Child in Tow


A man who was riding a bicycle with a makeshift trailer with a child inside was arrested for allegedly stealing packages in Burlington, Vermont.

Police received complaints of stolen packages in the Old North End and Hill Section neighborhoods. The suspect was seen around the city at night, allegedly removing any packages he could find.

Early Tuesday morning, officers saw a man riding a bicycle matching a description provided to the department. The suspect removed a package off the porch of a home and handed the package to a small child in the trailer.

Jackie Walters, 33, was apprehended shortly after. The child, 11, was present during prior alleged thefts, according to investigative reports. The police notified the Vermont Department of Children and Families regarding the use of a child in a crime.

Walters has been charged with three counts of larceny and child endangerment. Prior to his arrest, Walters has seven misdemeanor convictions stemming from 15 previous arrests for larceny and other related crimes.

The case is still under investigation and it is unknown whether Walters has an attorney or not.

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