Police in Vermont Town Respond to 11 Opioid Overdoses on Fourth of July

Eleven people overdosed from opioids in a single Vermont town on the Fourth of July, according to police.

Brattleboro police say first responders administered naloxone to several patients, and in some cases several doses, and that the overdoses took place in several locations, including a downtown alley, homes, hotel rooms and a gas station bathroom.

Two people were still in critical condition as of Wednesday morning; however, there had been no reported fatalities.

Officials said there were similarities between the overdoses, including heroin bags with identifying "stamps"; however, Brattleboro police said they are not identifying this particular batch of heroin because users have sought them out in the past, hoping for a "particularly effective high."

Tuesday's opioid overdoses is a reminder, police said in a statement, that while "many of us celebrated our nation's independence with friends, barbecues and fireworks, many addicts and their loved ones continued to struggle with dependence on heroin and other drugs."

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