We're Getting Warmer… For Now

We're Getting Warmer...For Now

Highs in the 40s, a raw, rainy wind off the water - ahh, now that's more like March.

Fret not, there are still some shades of our recent mild spell around. All we have to do is bring back the sun. We had a dress reheasal for the coming days in Western Vermont today. Sun poked out and the temperatures shot up into the mid 50s. After we shake the clouds Wednesday, we have a respectable shot at some of that warmth - or even 60 degrees across Southern New England. Cooler winds near the coast will make sure we never get out of the mid 50s, however.

In this rapid-fire pattern, the next system will arrive Wednesday night with a batch of rain. Some mix is possible across Northern Maine, but this is predominately a mild system. There's enough unstable air to even boil up a few storms on Thursday as this system begins to move away. With freezing levels hovering around 4,000 feet (rather low), some small hail is possible too. Quite the spring treat, if you ask me.

What's not so sweet is the colder pattern locking into the weekend. Our highs will fall way below our normal of 45, and with a storm marching up the Eastern Seaboard, we are on heightened alert for a nor'easter (techy talk for plowable snow).

It's too early to say whether it's a direct hit or a glancing shot, but it certainly has a familiar look to some of our bigger storms this winter. And we aren't lacking for cold.

We'll keep our eyes peeled, and you just worry about where you're going to get your green beer on Thursday.

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