2 Connecticut Teens Make History at Head of the Charles Regatta

Two 13-year-olds from East Norwalk, Connecticut set a goal months ago. On Saturday, they told NBC Boston they were nervous. And on Sunday, they were excited to achieve what they came out to do.

George Lathrop and Quinlan Daly know they may not be the biggest.

"Some of the guys out there are really big that we are rowing against and they are really good."

And their moms know they may not be the fastest.

"We have two thirteen year olds so we are just hoping they make it through alive."

But that's because they are the youngest, at only 13 years old.

When asked what the Head of the Charles means to them, they said it's something no one else in the world has accomplished.

They were hoping to row to the finish line between 19 and 22 minutes.

They have put in the main hours, with discipline beyond their years.

They practice two to three hours a day, six days a week.

"I just want to see how we do against everybody in our division."

And since they don't have a license, or even a learner's permit, the whole family is helping them row to success.

"I feel like im the mom uber—the mumber I call it. I love it. They text me and I’m there."

So no, they may not be the biggest and they may not be the fastest, this year. But their determination, well let's just say, it's unmatched.

We send our congratulations from NBC Boston to the pair for finishing the race in 19 minutes and 40 seconds. It's a time they say they are very happy with.

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