4 Rhode Island Family Members Arrested on Drug Charges

Brochu Family Woonsocket
Woonsocket Police

Law enforcement officers used explosives to get inside a Rhode Island home where four family members were arrested on drug charges.

Police in Woonsocket say 59-year-old Diane Martini, 55-year-old Ernest Brochu, and their children, 23-year-old Bazel Brochu and 21-year-old Jordan Brochu, were all arrested at their High Street home. Local police and the Rhode Island Fire Marshal's Office arrived around 6 a.m. Tuesday to serve search and arrest warrants.

Officials say the door to the home was barricaded when they arrived, and that a small explosive charge was used to dislodge it.

According to police, more than an ounce of fentanyl was found in the pocket of a pair of jeans in Bazel Brochu's room. Six ounces of marijuana and $34,730 cash were also seized from the home.

All four suspects were charged with maintaining a narcotics nuisance, a felony. Bazel Brochu was charged with five other felony counts related to manufacturing and/or distributing drugs. Jordan Brochu faces two more felony drug distribution charges, as well as a misdemeanor bench warrant.

It was not immediately clear if the suspects had attorneys.

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