Officials: Dog Dies in Hot Car as Owner Brawls in Park

Police say a Massachusetts man fought four people, including a pregnant woman, as his dog, which was also pregnant, died in the back seat of a hot car.

Alberto Carmenatty, 29, of Chelsea was arraigned on 11 charges in Framingham District Court on Thursday in connection with Wednesday's brawl at Hopkinton State Park, according to Metrowest Daily News.

Prosecutors said Carmenatty's victims, who included his girlfriend and her two daughters, one of whom was five months pregnant, realized his dog was missing after Carmenatty was placed into police custody. They found the dog dead in his car.

When Carmenatty was taken to MetroWest Medical Center in Framingham, he allegedly assaulted a police officer and hospital security officer as well.

Carmenatty's lawyer says her client is the victim, noting his black eye and other injuries. Carmenatty is due in court next month.

He was ordered to be held on $500 bail, according to Metrowest Daily News.

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