Blake Lively On Her Serena ‘Gossip Girl' Hairdo Becoming The New ‘Rachel'

Blake Lively turns heads wherever she goes.

Her fashion sense has landed her on the cover of magazines including Marie Claire and her hair 'do has prompted hundreds of women to pop into stores across the country and ask for her sensational look.

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"The New York Times did a whole [story] – in the '70s there was the Farrah, in the '90s there was the Rachel/Jennifer Aniston's style from 'Friends'… Now there is the Blake Lively," Access Hollywood's Billy Bush told Blake earlier this week during an interview while promoting her new movie, "The Private Lives of Pippa Lee."

"It's crazy," Blake said of the fever over her crop. "It's very flattering. It's kind of weird reading that because, you know, here I was when I was a kid wanting my hair to look like Jennifer Aniston's."

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The trend setting "Gossip Girl" is in a class all by herself and believe it or not, there are very few bells and whistles to her coif whether it is swept up and braided down the back or curly.

"The way I do my hair in the morning, when I go to set on 'Gossip Girl,' I just put my hair in a bun dry it and just twist it up in a ballerina bun, do my make-up and take it out and then it's wavy.

"I like my hair to look not too done," she added. "I think it looks pretty if it looks like maybe it was curled the day before and then you wake up and it's just like the sexy, messy look."

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