High School Hockey Player Inspired by Olympian From Boston University

A high school hockey player is drawing some inspiration from the Olympics this week.

Jacqueline Houston plays defense for the Boston Latin girls hockey team and is the team's only black player.

Houston started playing hockey three years ago when she started practicing with the 8-year-old team in Allston-Brighton.

This is her first season with the high school team.

"I like the feeling when you pick up a lot of speed and the 'oh' of I'm going fast and I have the stick and I have the puck with me."

While breaking barriers on her school's team, she draws motivation from Boston University’s own Jordan Greenway, who is the only black player on the U.S. Men’s Hockey Team.

"He’s from BU, I was like, that is awesome. That makes people want to go to the Olympics and want to do more," said Houston.

With her stick handling improving, she hopes to follow in Greenway's footsteps and be a role model for other minorities to hit the ice. 

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