Car Crashes Into Hopkinton, Mass. Home, Driver Injured

The 37-year-old driver of the Chevy Equinox suffered non-life threatening injuries in the crash

An SUV crashed into the front of a home Friday night in Hopkinton, Massachusetts.

A woman who lives at the 9 West Main Street home called 911 around 4:30 p.m. to report that a vehicle had crashed into the front of her home. She and her brother were both inside the home at the time of the crash but neither was injured.

Phil Grass, whose dad and aunt were the ones inside the home, says luckily everyone is OK.

"Could've been a bad accident," Grass said.

The Chevy Equinox driver, a 37 year-old from Millville, was taken to Milford Regional Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Neighbors like Rodrigo Martinez and his wife heard the crash.

“We came outside. She was actually getting ready for work, so she just went outside and saw the police officers and she came back inside and said, 'hey what happened?' So we came out and we saw the car just sitting in front of the door.”

The Hopkinton Fire Department removed the Equinox from the home, and the front door and window are now gone. Crews boarded up the home so no one can break in.

“Emergency contractors just boarded it up for the night. We’re fixing the plumbing to get the heat back on for the night so no pipes freeze," Grass said. "We’re going to lock it up and get out until we hear from the insurance company tomorrow.”

Hopkinton police and fire are investigating how this all went down, but Grass is just thankful things didn’t end worse.

“No one was hurt. It’s just property. It can be fixed,” he said.

The cause of the crash remains under investigation.

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