Donald Trump

Despite Dueling Trump Signs, Hampton Beach Neighbors Display Mutual Respect

The large signs for and against President Donald Trump separated give a New Hampshire street all the makings of an ugly showdown. But it's not the OK Corral, and it's definitely not Washington.

On L Street in Hampton Beach, two neighbors with very different views about the president know how to get along.

Cy Bode, an 80-year-old Marine Corps veteran, started it last year with an "Impeach Trump" sign. More signs followed.

"I totally despise the man," Bode said of Trump. "He's dishonorable. You need someone who comes into office with a bit of class, and can set the example, set the standard."

Directly across the street, local businessman Al Fleury disagrees.

"I support the president of the United States. He's the president," Fleury said. "The economy is great. It's helping my businesses, it's helping growth, it's helping tourism."

When Bodie wouldn't take down his sign, Fleurey said to him,

"I said, 'You know, I can put a sign up, too, and you'd have to look at it, too.' I said, 'Or we could just both just kind of keep our politics to ourselves.' And he said, 'Nope, put up your sign.'"

So Fleury did, and people noticed.

"Some guy told me I had a racist house," Fleury said.

But on L Street, the conflict didn't lead to World War III.

"No one's shooting each other, no one is being violent, everybody's just saying, 'This is my opinion,' 'This is my opinion,' and then they stand here on the corner and they're talking to each other," said vacationer Kimberly Davis.

"He's a good neighbor. He seems like a really good guy, he's with a really nice woman," Fleury said. "We're neighbors."

Bodie feels the same way.

"It goes to show you that you can have a difference of opinion and still be able to get along really well," Davis said.

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