Fast Forward to Spring

After an astounding series of days (weatherwise), we're on guard for more record-breaking heat by the midweek.

First thing's first. A tornado in Conway, Massachusetts this weekend? Yep. After hitting records for the third day in a row, why not? To say this pattern is odd is an understatement. It's unheard of. And quite frankly, outrageous. Have we become accustomed to warm winters? Nowadays, it seems easy to hit the 60s in ANY winter month. We've certainly done it with ease in the last several years - a clear testament to the new climate regime across the globe.

Back to the forecast. A warm front will move through tomorrow and set us up for more warmth into Wednesday. Showers come first, however, as the warmup isn't as "clean" as last week. For that reason, I think we'll just make the 70 degree mark on Wednesday. That will be good enough to bust the record of 63 in both Boston and Worcester - despite the showers, clouds and gusty winds.

Colder air looms large into the weekend. Highs will struggle to make the freezing mark by Friday and Saturday as Old Man Winter exacts his revenge. Well, almost. Just as soon as the cold comes in, it should be bounced out early next week.

Spring won't be denied.

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