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Female Builder Tough As Nails

Cindy Stumpo is building in a mans world, but has made her mark nationwide.

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For 33 years Cindy Stumpo has made a name for herself in Boston and beyond for building homes that are over the top. One nail at a time! Derek Zagami got an exclusive tour of a new mansion she is building in Brookline Massachusetts.

Photo Credit: Cindy Stumpo (Facebook)

Armed with a strong personality her homes are massive, but make no mistake they are not traditional. And she will cringe at the words cookie cutter!

Photo Credit: Cindy Stumpo (Facebook)

With her over the top personality her construction work became a television series on HGTV called Tough As Nails. And now hosts at weekly radio show on iHeart Radio called "Cindy Stumpo is Tough As Nails". 

Photo Credit: Cindy Stumpo (Facebook) Chad Stumpo, Cindy Stumpo, Samantha Stumpo

Cindy loves working with her family, since her daughter Sammy was a teenager she has worked side by side with her mom, who is one of the World's Top Female Builders. 

Cindy Stumpo, Derek Zagami, Samantha Stumpo
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