Gun Magazine Found in School Last Year, District Announces

A search was conducted in McGlynn Middle School Tuesday for a gun magazine initially found in the school late last year, though never disclosed to the police.

According to Medford Public Schools Superintendent Roy Belson, a magazine with bullets was found Dec. 29 in the auditorium of McGlynn Middle School by a cleaning crew during school vacation. The magazine could not be found again Tuesday.

Belson says the school frequently rents the auditorium to outside groups, and that it is believed one of them accidentally left it behind.

The magazine was locked in the principal's office by the in-house custodian. McGlynn Middle School Principal Jake Edwards was in his office on Dec. 30, Belson said in a statement. While cleaning, Edwards claims he threw away several items that could have included the loaded magazine.

The superintendent says he learned of the discovery in early January, but after being told it was an isolated incident, he opted not to notify parents. The police chief was also not directly informed, said Belson.

Following last week's school shooting in Florida, Belson says, the district opted to be more proactive. Authorities brought in weapon-sniffing dogs Tuesday, but nothing else was found.

"This was an isolated incident. The entire school system is committed to safeguarding the students, teachers and staff at all of our schools," Belson said in the statement.

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