Judge Refuses to Delay Deposition of Bill Cosby's Wife

Camille Cosby's deposition will go forward Monday, a judge ruled, but she can refuse some questions

A federal judge on Friday denied a motion to stay or delay a deposition from Bill Cosby's wife in a civil suit related to sexual assault allegations brought against the actor in Massachusetts, NBC News reports.

Camille Cosby is set to be deposed Monday. The deposition is part of a case brought against Bill Cosby by seven women who claim he defamed them by denying their sexual assault allegations. The woman involved in a separate criminal case against him.

Camille Cosby's attorneys argued that her deposition should be delayed or stayed because some people related to the case, including some plaintiffs, have not yet been deposed.

On Feb. 11, a federal district judge ruled that Camille Cosby would have to give a deposition, but she "may refuse to answer deposition questions which call for testimony prohibited by the marital disqualification rule and not falling within an exception."

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