Late Snow Melt, Heavy Rain Cause Flooding in Maine Community

About two dozen homes in Fryeburg, Maine, are surrounded by floodwaters.

Late season snow melt and heavy rainfall have pushed Lovewell Pond beyond its banks.

The pond is on the Saco River, so spring snow melt and rain can get trapped in it.

Tuesday, the Fryeburg Fire Department and Fryeburg Police Department teamed up, going out in an airboat to check on the properties and any occupants.

Most of the affected homes are summer residences, but first responders did find a few year-round residents, including some who have had to get in and out of their houses by canoe or kayak.

Fryeburg Fire Chief Andrew Dufresne said hazards like floating propane tanks were secured to make sure no one gets hurt while the water recedes.

Other precautions are being taken, as well.

"Electricity was shut off to homes that were submerged to the point it would affect infrastructure," said Dufresne.

Brian Cranney, a seasonal resident from Peabody, Massachusetts, drove up to check on his property. He discovered he couldn't drive far beyond the road leading up to it, but he said he prepared for a flood before winterizing his house.

"You make sure nothing's on that cellar floor," said Cranney.

Fryeburg's police and fire departments say they'll keep monitoring the flooded homes, since more rain is expected Friday into Saturday.

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