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Little Sign of Pandemic as Hundreds Flock to Miami Beach for Spring Break

On Saturday, officers made about 30 arrests on Miami Beach

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There was little sign of a pandemic on South Beach on Sunday, with streets packed and businesses booming.

"We were really counting on the spring break just to lift us up because the last spring break and last season was really bad," said Alejandro Rodriguez of Chapel Tattoos.

Rodriguez says they welcome the steady stream of customers to the business on 8th and Washington, but they remain cautious.

"You know we always wear masks, we always take precautions because of COVID and try to keep COVID as far away as possible," Rodriguez said.

Police are also trying to crack down on crime. The department doubled down its efforts, and in many areas, there was a heavy law enforcement presence.

"The message is clear. Vacation responsibly or you will be arrested," said Miami Beach Police spokesman Ernesto Rodriguez. "It’s not a message intended to threaten anyone. It’s a message intended to be very clear."

On Saturday, officers made about 30 arrests on Miami Beach. One of the cases was a narcotics arrest, allegedly involving 25-year-old Ernesto Martinez. Police say they confiscated crack cocaine, crystal meth and marijuana.

Miami Beach police made over 100 arrests and seized several weapons throughout the week as spring break was in full force. NBC 6's Kim Wynne reports

On Friday night, chaos erupted when police were taking a subject into custody. Officers used pepper balls to break up the crowd and two officers were hurt.

"That presented a very dangerous situation for our officers," Rodriguez said. "Our officers had to go into a crowd and attempt to arrest an individual. The crowd ended up turning on those officers."

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