$200 Offered to Adopt Dog on One-Year Anniversary of Shelter Stay

Brandy has been in the shelter for one year on Saturday.

Brandy is up for Adoption

The MSPCA is appealing to the public to find a family for one of their longest-staying residents.

Brandy was three years old when she was given up for adoption to the MSPCA. Her one-year anniversary in the shelter is next Saturday.

"It's defnitely unusual for a dog to be with us for a full year," said Boston adoption center manager Alyssa Kreiger, who confirmed that Brandy's stay at the shelter was the longest in recent memory.

One generous donor is offering to cover the $200 adoption fee for Brandy, and pay for a full years worth of medicine, to the family that welcomes Brandy into their home for good.

Brandy requires daily medication to manage her incontinence, which according to the shelter is the main reason for Brandy's long stay. Kreiger also attributes Brandy's long stay to the fact that she doesn't get along well with other dogs. But, they brag that Brandy is the ultimate "nap dog," and does well with individuals, families and older kids.

Interested adopters can email adoption@mspca.org or visit the MSPCA's Jamaica Plain location during open hours.

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