Must-See Father’s Day Films

Dad isn't asking for a lot this Father's Day, just some quality time to spend with his family. Why not watch a movie together? Here's a look at 11 films both you and Dad will love.

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Bill Murray eye to eye with a groundhog in a scene from the film 'Caddyshack', 1980. (Photo by Orion Pictures/Getty Images)
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EMPTY_CAPTION"Kramer vs Kramer" (1979) stars Dustin Hoffman as Ted Kramer, a workaholic advertising executive, who has just taken on a new project for his company. When he arrives home, he realizes his wife (Meryl Streep) has news of her own — she wants a divorce. “Kramer” depicts the married couple’s separation, and the impact it has on everyone involved, including their young son, Billy.
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This comedy classic stars Chevy Chase, Rodney Dangerfield, Ted Knight, and the beloved Bill Murray. Let's not forget that meddling gopher determined to cause trouble on the golf course. Dad has seen "Caddyshack" (1980) countless times, so it’s guaranteed he will love to watch it again this Father’s Day.
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EMPTY_CAPTION"Field of Dreams" (1989) features Kevin Costner as a novice corn farmer in Iowa who realizes his calling — quite literally — to build a baseball field. When he listens to the voice, he is greeted by some unlikely visitors.
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EMPTY_CAPTION"The Wedding Banquet" (1993) follows the storyline of a gay Taiwanese immigrant man who marries a Chinese woman to placate his traditional parents, and to give the bride a green card. Everything seems fine, until his parents arrive in the United States to plan his wedding banquet. It is the second film in Ang Lee’s “Father Knows Best” Trilogy.
EMPTY_CAPTION"Finding Nemo" (2003) tells the tale of Marlin, an overprotective clown fish in search of his abducted son. Throughout his journey, he faces an ocean full of obstacles. He meets a disorganized companion, Dori, who suffers from-short term memory loss but she eventually proves herself worthy of his trust and friendship.
Will Smith plays out the "rags to riches" story of Chris Gardner, a homeless salesman struggling to make a life for himself and his 5-year-old son, Christopher Jr., after his girlfriend leaves him. This is the ultimate father-son flick because Christopher Jr. is played by Will’s own son, Jayden.
British Secret Service Agent 007 James Bond battles a reclusive enemy, who has stolen a globe-spanning list of undercover spies.
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Mrs. Doubtfire (1993) Robin Williams portrays a divorced father, who disguises himself as a house keeper in his ex-wife’s home in order to spend quality time with his children.
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Remembering the Artist Robert De Niro Sr (2014) Actor Robert De Niro crafted this heart-warming documentary about his father, Robert De Niro Sr., enjoying success in his early career as an artist.
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Father of the Bride (1991) Steve Martin plays a loving father, who must come to terms with the fact that his daughter has grown up and is getting married.
Nebraska (2013) This image shows Bruce Dern as Woody Grant, left, and Will Forte as David Grant in a scene from the film "Nebraska," about a booze-addled father who makes to Nebraska with his estranged son in order to claim a million dollar Mega Sweepstakes Marketing prize.
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