Jon & Hailey Had No Date ‘Til Split With Kate

Reality TV dad stayed with new girlfriend after Kate kicked him out

Reality TV dad Jon Gosselin didn't start getting cozy with his new gal pal until after he and Kate filed for divorce in late June, according to a report.

Gosselin, 32, stayed at girlfriend Hailey Glassman's father's house after wife Kate kicked him out of the Gosselin's sprawling Pennsylvania estate in early May, according to People magazine.

"Jon was heartbroken, totally heartbroken," one snitch old the magazine. "Kate told him to take a hike."

The father of eight didn't start a romantic relationship with Glassman until after the June 20 divorce papers were filed, the source told People. Only then were they photographed gallivanting around France together, partying on a yacht and holding hands.

Though the stars of the popular TLC reality show "Jon & Kate Plus 8" officially split this summer, they had been on the outs since last year and Jon moved out of the couple's bedroom months before the announcement.

"[Kate] said she wanted her life," the source said. "She said she was done. It came out of the blue."

As the rift grew deeper and the tabloids seized upon what appeared to be a budding relationship between Jon and 23-year-old school teacher Deanna Hummer, Jon moved out of the couple's main house and into an apartment above the family's three-car garage, People reported.

Jon moved into a two-bedroom upper West Side bachelor pad in early June, the magazine reported.

The dad was spotted this weekend at an upper East Side restaurant with Star magazine reporter Kate Major. Sources told the New York Daily News that Major has gotten involved with the subjects of her reporting in the past.

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