New Britain Residents Frustrated With Rowdy CCSU Students


Some New Britain residents who live near Central Connecticut State University are feeling fed up over rowdy college students in their neighborhoods.

Gerard Belanger has lived at his Foxon Place home for about 26 years

He has never considered moving until lately.

"And there are a lot of other neighbors that are considering the same thing that that is one of the few things that they can do is to move and to get out," said Belanger.

He said his neighborhood has changed drastically since he first moved here as CCSU students have started moving in to neighboring homes.

Belanger said noise from parties from Thursday through Sunday have gotten so loud, he’s had to move his bedroom to the back of the house to get sleep.

"We put our garbage out on the curb, cans get knocked over. I know one of my next door neighbors he had the solar lights that they have running the sidewalk that the lights were pulled up and thrown away," said Belanger.

Some students agree it has gotten out of hand.

"I have an 8 a.m. class on Fridays so it’s really annoying when there’s screaming and throwing up," said student, Sarah Calano.

CCSU officials said campus police are working with New Britain Police to fix the problem.

"We are actually out on patrol we also spend a good bit of money on overtime particularly on Thursday nights trying to see what we can do to keep things calm," said CCSU chief administrative officer, Richard Bachoo.

University officials are urging students to be considerate of their neighbors.

If there are any issues, you can contact New Britain or CCSU Police.

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