Parents of NBC News Freelancer With Ebola: He’s “Out of the Woods”

Ashoka Mukpo, a Rhode Island native, is recovering from the Ebola virus in Nebraska

"Out of the woods."

Those are the words Ashoka Mukpo's parents use to describe their son's progress.

"He's doing really well, he's feeling stronger everyday, although he's still very weak," Diana Mukpo, his mother, told NECN.

His father, Dr. Mitchell Levy, said his son is not showing anymore symptoms of fever, nausea, vomiting or diarrhea.

"All of his laboratory tests are now normal," said Dr. Levy.

In fact, his parents say his appetite has even allowed him to eat a burrito.

The 33-year-old NBC News freelancer who was diagnosed with the deadly Ebola virus is still recovering in isolation at a the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

On Monday, he was finally well enough to go on Twitter and say he's "on the road to good health."

He also thanked everyone for all their "good vibes."

Mukpo was diagnosed with Ebola while working as a camera operator in Liberia while he was there to document the Ebola epidemic.

Back home in Providence, the dog he rescued from Liberia waits patiently, along with his girlfriend, who's from London. The whole family just returned from visiting him in Nebraska on Wednesday.

"Going through this experience first-hand has made him feel even more passionate about the plight of the people in Liberia," Diana Mukpo said.

Mukpo also got blood from Ebola survivor and mission worker, Dr. Kent Brantley. He can now get out of bed on his own and walk around, and may soon use a stationary bike. He must have two negative Ebola tests 24 hours apart before he's cleared to leave isolation and the hospital.

On Wednesday Mukpo sent words of encouragment to the two nurses diagnosed with the virus, tweeting: " Wishing for a speedy recovery for those two Dallas nurses. This thins is not easy but you're both going to make it. Thanks for your bravery."

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