Pats Invite Foxboro Band to Perform Before Super Bowl

Thirty 6 Red, invited to Minneapolis by the Kraft family, bordered their Super-Bowl-bound tour bus Friday

A Foxborough band still cannot believe they are Super Bowl bound after a personal invitation from the Patriots. The group will take the stage in Minneapolis, playing at the team’s hotel after a non-stop ride on a chartered tour bus.

The band Thirty 6 Red is named after the last number on a roulette wheel. The country meets classic rock group is known for playing around Patriot Place and even played at Monday’s send-off rally. The group showed up at Gillette Friday for a much quieter send-off, boarding a tour bus courtesy of the Kraft family.

“It started Sunday night after the AFC Championship game,” the band’s founder Jim Politano said. “We got an email from the Patriots, had a phone call and they came up with the whole plan.”

The plan includes a ride on the luxury tour bus and a gig at the Patriots hotel on game day. Members of Thirty 6 Red are still in shock.

“I honestly couldn’t believe it. I thought it was a joke,” singer Erin Hollis said.

“I still don’t believe it’s real. I’ll be more convinced once we get there,” guitarist Jeff O’Brien added.

The trip will take roughly 22 hours and the band plans to pass the time with jam sessions, even taking requests from fans on Facebook live.

“No other organization other than the Patriots I don’t think would do this,” drummer Steve Carter said.

While they hardly consider themselves a good luck charm for the team, they do take comfort in knowing that even though the Patriots aren’t playing at a home, a piece of home will be there playing for them.

“We’re getting an opportunity to travel, be with the greatest football team ever and represent Foxborough,” singer Larry Smith said. “I mean what else is there?”

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