Commuter Rail Service Resumes in Middleborough

David Curran

Shuttle buses replaced commuter rail service for hours Sunday after a pedestrian was struck in Middleborough.

The MBTA announced Sunday morning that passengers were being bussed between Middleborough and Bridgewater due to police activity on the tracks. Regularly scheduled train service resumed after 3 p.m. Sunday, but the MBTA warned that passengers may experience delays of up to 15 minutes.

The shuttle buses were implemented after a pedestrian was struck by a commuter rail train between Old Center and Everett Streets around 10:50 a.m.

There were 47 passengers on the train at the time of the incident. They were transported back to the Middleborough/Lakeville station.

Police say the male, age unknown at this time, was trespassing on the right of way when he was struck by an inbound train on the Middleborough/Lakeville line.

The male was pronounced deceased as a result of his injuries.

Police are investigating and the victim has not been identified.

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