Rep. Michael Capuano Receives Surprising Endorsement in Democratic Primary

Most political analysts will tell you that endorsements do not have much effect on a campaign. Unless they stand out for being particularly unexpected.

That’s the way many feel about the Congressional Black Caucus throwing its support behind Rep. Michael Capuano - not his challenger, Ayanna Pressley, who is black.

Political analyst Kevin Franck says Michael Capuano's endorsement from the black congressional caucus is particularly significant because the 10-term incumbent is being challenged by Pressley, the popular Boston city counselor.

The two share very similar views on most issues.

"Ayanna Pressley has made her challenge about whether or not a district that is mostly made up of minority residents should be represented by a person who is of color in Congress," Franck said. "It really does send a signal to communities of color in this district that Capuano is looking out for them."

Capuano also has the support of the state's first African-American Governor, Deval Patrick and he has an A rating from the NAACP. Saturday, Capuano is hosting an event with civil rights icon, Congressman John Lewis at the 12th Baptist Church in Roxbury where Martin Luther King used to preach.

"The symbolism doesn’t get any less subtle than that," Franck said.

Pressley was not available for comment, but in a statement, a spokesperson said:

"This campaign is building an inclusive movement for every single voice that sees the potential of what is truly possible here... and it is for them that we will continue to organize and fight through September and beyond."

Franck points out that Pressley is a very strong campaigner, adding that she's "a very smart, very talented, very accomplished person and she still has a path to victory."

But that path has become a bit more difficult given these latest Capuano endorsements.

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