School Canceled Tuesday in Weare, New Hampshire Amid Ongoing Investigation Into Threat

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As the investigation into events reported last Friday continues, schools in Weare, New Hampshire, are canceled Tuesday.

This comes after officials found what they believed to be a threat, scratched into a high school cafeteria table late last week at John Stark Regional High School.

Investigators from the Weare police department and the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force conducted multiple interviews at the high school.

Walk-throughs were conducted at Weare Middle School, Center Woods Upper Elementary School and John Stark Regional High School by Chief Sean Kelly, Superintendent Dr. Lorraine Tacconi-Moore, and school staff.

In a separate issue, due to information received by the Weare police department after buses had begun to depart for dismissal, three buses that are normally routed through the high school were delayed temporarily.

While the tip was investigated, as a precautionary measure, elementary and upper elementary students were brought into the high school atrium.

Students later re-boarded the buses and were sent on their normal routes home.

Dr. Tacconi-Moore canceled school for Feb. 20 out of an abundance of caution.

"We understand how concerned you all are and we share those concerns as well. Our students' safety is paramount to everything we do."

In nearby Henniker, New Hampshire, school will continue with an increased police presence.

Henniker police said they are aware of the incident at John Stark High School and will be keeping in contact with Weare police as they continue their investigation. 

"There has been no threat made towards Henniker Community School, however we will be increasing our presence there," the police department posted on Facebook Monday night.

Anyone with information about any threat to any of the local schools, even if it is only a rumor, is asked to please email Lieutenant Frank Hebert at - tips can be made anonymously, though providing your information will significantly speed up the investigation.

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