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Six Flags St. Louis Celebrates Fright Fest With 30-Hour 'Coffin Challenge'

Successful coffin dwellers of the Fright Fest challenge will get to keep their casket



    Six Flags Announces Coffin Challenge in Missouri

    Are you up for the 30-hour challenge?

    (Published Monday, Sept. 24, 2018)

    Six Flags in St. Louis, Missouri, is challenging six contestants to spend 30 hours inside a coffin for a chance to win $300 during the park's annual spooktacular Halloween event.

    Participants of the ghoulish contest to celebrate the 30th year of Fright Fest will bide their time inside 2-by-7-foot coffins at the park from 1 p.m. Oct. 13 to 7 p.m. Oct. 14. 

    Coffin dwellers will be allowed to bring a friend during Fright Fest operating hours, "but they must brave the non-operating hours alone,” according to the contest's rules. Contestants will also get brief hourly bathroom breaks and in-coffin meals.

    Those who complete the macabre challenge will win two 2019 Gold Season Passes, a Fright Fest prize package including two VIP Haunted House passes, and a ticket for two to ride the Freak Train for Freaks Unleashed.

    If more than one person makes it to 30 hours, a drawing will determine who gets the $300.

    One more perk: Successful coffin dwellers get to keep their casket.

    Six Flags will choose the six participants on Oct. 4 and nominees must accept by Oct. 6. If all coffins are not filled, alternates will be notified by Oct. 8.

    Click here to register. The deadline to register is Oct. 3 at midnight.

    Coffin Dweller Requirements:

    -Must be 18 years or older and have a photo ID for verification

    -Cannot have any medical condition(s) where participating could be a health risk 

    -Complete and sign a waiver at check-in  

    -Must be able to completely lay in a 2’ x 7’ coffin

    -Provide own pillow and sleeping bag or blankets

    -Check in at Six Flags St. Louis by 11:30 a.m. on Saturday, Oct. 13

    Six Flags St. Louis will provide:

    -Six, deluxe, 2’ x 7’, slightly used coffins

    -Breakfast in bed (well all meals, snacks and drinks in bed actually)

    -One, six-minute bathroom break every hour

    -Random visits by 'Fright Fest Freaks'

    -A Six Flags representative will be present at all times

    -Phone charging stations