Stamford High School Student Accuses Classmates of Sex Assault: Lawsuit

Stamford High School 1200

A Stamford High School student has filed a lawsuit against two classmates accusing them of sexual assault.

The complaint also names school administrators, the district and the city as defendants.

In Feb. 2014, a tenth grade student was locked in one of the school's bathroom, stripped of his pants and sexually assaulted by a male and female student, according to the lawsuit. 

The lawsuit accuses the former superintendent Winifred Hamilton, the former principal Donna Valentine, the former vice principal Angela Thomas-Graves, the Stamford Board of Education and the city of Stamford of negligence and failure to protect a student from such circumstances. 

"(The plaintiff) was required to seek medical and psychological attention and suffered the indignity and embarrassment as well as invasion of his personal privacy resulting therefrom," the complaint said was a direct result of negligence and carelessness of the defendants.

The complaint also said the administration failed to inform the boy's parents of the assault.

The Board of Education said former principal Valentine was fired earlier this year for not properly reporting a teacher who was suspected of having sex with a student.

The teacher, Danielle Watkins, is now serving a five-year prison sentence.

NBC Connecticut reached out to the school district for comment about this latest case. It declined comment citing the pending lawsuit.

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