SWAT Team at Scene of Shooting in Revere; 1 in Critical Condition

One person has been transported to the hospital in critical condition following a shooting in Revere Thursday night, state police said.

Officials, including a SWAT team, are currently at the scene in Revere. They are searching a building on Dehon Street in the Shirley Avenue neighborhood where the suspected gunman lives. Officials say if they don't find the suspect inside, they will obtain an arrest warrant for him.

One other person is in custody at this time, according to officials.

They say seven or eight people were involved in an argument around 7:30 p.m. Thursday when one person was shot. Only one shot was fired in the incident, police said. Officials have video footage of the incident but it is not being released to the public at this time.

"I heard a big bang outside my house. I thought it was just a firework and then my son came in and said that all the cops are outside — a kid is on the ground," eyewitness Jimmy Othmer said.

The male victim, who was located by police on a nearby street, is in critical condition and undergoing surgery at a local hospital.

"We started walking and saw the guy on the ground, literally just got there when the cops got there, and he asked what happened and he said he got shot, this and that," an eyewitness, who wanted to be identified as just Robert, said.

Officials are continuing to investigate whether the shooter and the victim knew each other.

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