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Strawberry Kit Kats and BBQ PayDays? Weird Candy Flavors Heading Your Way

The flavors are inspired by popular summer destinations

Hershey's is debuting a new line of candy that involves barbecue, key-lime pie, cheesecake and other foodie favorites, Today reported.

The Pennsylvania-based candy company announced this week that it is rolling out a "Flavors of America" line of limited edition candies and chocolate bars inspired by popular summer destinations. Some of the places inspiring the flavors include New York, Florida and California.

The new chocolate bar choices include strawberry-flavored Kit Kats, cheery cheesecake Hershey’s bars and BBQ-flavored PayDay bars. Honey-roasted Reese’s peanut-butter cups are also included in the mix, along with coconut-almond Hershey’s kisses and key-lime pie and orange cream pop Twizzlers.

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