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Supporting Our Schools: How Even Your Smallest Donation Can Help Fund Badly Needed Supplies In Neighborhood Classrooms

Donations are now being accepted year-round!

Too often students and teachers are forced to put the brakes on learning because they lack the tools to succeed.

From new technology to something as basic as pencils, there are schools all across our region that lack supplies to provide our children with a quality education.

That's why the Boston stations of NBC and Telemundo are now Supporting Our Schools year-round through the NBCUniversal donation drive.

The annual campaign has delivered hundreds of thousands of dollars and supplies to underprivileged schools across New England.

Thanks to our partners at DonorsChoose, here are just some of the projects you can help fund. Don't worry about funding an entire project, every single dollar counts!

Click here if you are a teacher and would like to submit your project to be funded!


Mrs. Coakley's Classroom- $464 Still Needed

Ms. Coakley of the Higginson-Lewis School in Roxbury is asking for two whiteboards, printers, and other basic supplies for her "amazing, responsible, and caring 4th graders who love learning and having hands-on experiences in the classroom!"

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Puzzles for Social Emotional Learning - $248 Still Needed

Ms. Gallagher at the John Winthrop Elementary School in Dorchester is looking to buy puzzles that have been specifically requested by her special education students. They will help students learn self-regulation skills such as patience, coping with frustration, perseverance, and pride!

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Legos for Learning and Play - $450 Still Needed

Mrs. Gorman King of the Orchard Gardens K8 School in Roxbury teaches English as a second language group of third graders who are in a high-poverty area of Boston. She says that LEGOs would help the students' learning and social-emotional needs throughout the day. Students will engineer, design challenges, and the LEGOs will help create critical thinkers in and out of the classroom.

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Sensory Explorers - $451 Still Needed

Ms. Avila at the Nathan Hale Elementary School in Roxbury says she works with a beautifully diverse group of preschoolers in Boston. They love to learn and explore! They have had the same sensory table for 15 years, and it has served them well. However, she says it is time for something that will more effectively meet her student's needs: The 4-Way Sand and Water Table. She says it offers the children a more sanitary experience while allowing all of the fabulous social interactions that are important in preschool. She says they will use it every day during small group and during center time.

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Try, Try and Try Again! $267 Still Needed

Ms. Smith from the Josiah Quincy Elementary School in Boston says her students are a creative and thoughtful bunch of learners looking to grow from their mistakes and improve their skills. She is looking for Boogie Boards to be enjoyed by students as an innovative replacement tool for whiteboards to reduce the waste of materials used every school year.

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Snacks for Seventh Graders - $537 Still Needed

Ms. Banning is a teacher at the Dearborn STEM Academy in Roxbury, which serves a diverse group of students in one of the poorest areas of Boston. She says the school aims to give the kids the best education possible, but the kids need to keep their energy up throughout the day and your donation can help give them the snacks and food they need to be at their best.

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Culturally Responsive Art Class - $657 Still Needed

Ms. Maureen from the James Otis Elementary School in East Boston says Boston Public Schools include scholars from diverse backgrounds. She wants to celebrate and learn about individual differences and will study authors and artists who look like her students and come from similar backgrounds and cultures. She says through culturally responsive literature and art materials, they will create art that represents students in Boston

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Power Snacks - $408 Still Needed

Mrs. Depena from the James F. Condon K8 School in South Boston is looking to help fund snacks for her students. She says that she is a 5th-grade SEI teacher and that all of her students are English Language Learners and they are very excited about learning a new language. Despite their great enthusiasm for learning, most of them come from low-income families with few resources to provide extra food to bring to school. On occasions, they cannot focus during learning since their lunch is very late, and during the third period in the morning, they are very hungry. Your donation will go toward snacks to help get the kids through the day.

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Our Contributions Overlooked- $266 Still Needed

Ms. Ashraf from The Boston Day & Evening Academy is looking for art supplies for her science class. This DNA and Reproduction class will be using a text called "The Alchemy of Us" written by Ainissa Ramirez (MIT Press) to explore what makes us.

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Learning Tablets- $110 Still Needed

Ms. Reid of the Ellison-Parks Early Education School in Mattapan is looking for learning tablets for her pre-K-2nd grade students. She says her class is learning at a rapid rate, and she wants to continue to improve their learning through different engaging activities. One way to do this is the use of tablets.

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Everyone Has Feelings! FULLY FUNDED

Ms. Marques from the John Winthrop Elementary School in Dorchester says learning with games assists in practicing decision-making, higher-level strategic thinking, and problem-solving. Plus it helps during counseling students. She is looking for your help to buy board games, flashcards, and mindfulness picture sets to help her students in individual and group counseling as they learn how to articulate different emotions, strategies to calm down their bodies, and cope with everyday life, all while having fun!

Writing Basics for New Writers - FULLY FUNDED

Mrs. Ciano at Hill Elementary School in Revere says she has a wonderful group of 20 students who love to read and are beginning to write. They have so many stories to tell, and she needs more markers and pencils, easel pads, sentence strips, laminating sheets, and card stock that will help the whole group with their writing in the writing center.

To find more projects that might interest you, head to our DonorsChoose page. You can look for schools in your area, or classrooms that are working on projects you care about.

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